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Every woman’s closet must have at least one little black dress or “LBD”. Everybody knows this fashion trick. This is because it’s the “catch all” outfit, the one thing women of all shapes, sizes and ages can rely on to flatter their figure. This is classic fashion style, about as iconic as Audrey Hepburn herself. She epitomized that class and elegance when she wore the most famous little black dress as the darling Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s. We’ve all been trying to live up to that style since then.

So when an outfit is this classic, what could possibly go wrong? Well, there is that danger of being too dull. Without any pop of color or interesting accessories, a plain black dress can be too boring. So the next time you pull that dress out of your closet for a date with the man of your dream, a night out with your girlfriends or a romantic dinner with your husband of 10 years, be sure to add a nice accessory or a pop of color in the form of a bag, shoes or jacket. For my part, I chose an interesting bracelet as my accessory, a classic Burberry wool trench coat, a Louis Vuitton bag and a patterned scarf to complement my outfit.

You can barely see the details of the dress because of its color but the image below shows the draping in front of it. I just love that style, not only for aesthetic reason but more importantly because it helps hide unflattering body parts given that the dress is tight. So how did I fare against such icons as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?🙂. I’d like to think my LBD is good enough to sit behind Audrey  on a night out at the opera. What do you think? But you know what really made this great? I paid a mere $40 for this from the original price of $300 at the BCBG outlet store. Nothing beats a great deal that looks this awesome! To this day it is one of the best deals I’ve ever snagged!