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One sluggish Sunday, we decided to take full advantage of the pleasant San Francisco September weather by visiting Yerba Buena and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). The admission was free that day, a family day of some sort sponsored by “Target”. This museum is quite diminutive compared to the ones I’ve seen around the world.

Sure, we do have the NY Metropolitan Museum in US (which I really like), but it’s nowhere near the quantity and grandiose of the ones in Europe and other countries. If that was the case, I’d be a denizen of museums. Two of my favorites include The L’ouvre in Paris and Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem. Despite spending only half day in the L’ouvre, I found it very enthralling. You definitely need at least 3 days to really explore it. I only saw Mona Lisa and the arts on display on the way to it. I would definitely go back there someday! Yad Vashem, on the other hand, is a very poignant place. The artifacts it houses are paragons of mankind’s absolute decayed state.

MOMA’s visiting collections that weekend included Cindy Sherman and Japanese landscape photographer Naoya Hatakeyama. I have to admit, Cindy Sherman’s photos have stunning colors and clarity and are obviously deftly done but they are just too eccentric and macabre for me. I’m actually surprised I didn’t suffer from nightmare after seeing them. Hatakeyama’s nature photos are more my style.

Well, what is a day out if not an opportune time to dress up? I know it’s already fall and all but I’m still having a hard time letting go of summer and spring. I put together this more-appropriate-for-spring dress + jacket duo that look like a cotton candy explosion. This sartorial cotton candy dream is a classic example of high and low fashion: the dress is from Forever21 and costs $25 while the bag is from Louis Vuitton and costs.. well you know (bought it for a special occasion). And yes, I do love colors but I am a fan of neutrals as well. There are enough days each year to go around so plenty of time to mix and match these colors.