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California is a state blessed with the abundance of natural beauty and great weather. Just merely three hours away from the hustle and bustle of the technology capital of the world is the gem that is Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is enchanting all-year round, but it is extra vibrant this time of the year. There’s an explosion of mustard and red colors everywhere and I am loving it! The Fall foliage makes everything looks so bright and chirpy.

Coincidentally, my first velvet jacket from Juicy Couture happened to be in red orange hue and it provided a strong contrast to the yellow leaves. Perfect!

This time around, I set the image format on my Canon 60D and L lens to RAW. Photographers always advise shooting in RAW for post processing purposes. I never really used it because it essentially cuts down your memory storage capacity by 75%. Well, I have 14 empty memory cards now – a backwash of the trip to Turkey and Israel last spring. What a difference the format makes when editing the saturation (etc)!

Besides the obvious, what made this trip even more special is the fact that I didn’t pay a single dime for the accommodation! I used our accumulated credit card reward points to book the hotel. I find this usage far more beneficial than attempting to redeem it for airline tickets (which is full of all kinds of restrictions). I remember using it for tickets to SF -> London -> Rome -> SF via American Airlines and it was a bit of a nightmare, on top of waiting for four years to accumulate enough points to buy the said ticket. Ever since then, I stopped using it for this purpose. I try to put as much bills and donations as possible to the credit card to gain the said reward points.  That’s a useful tip if you’re looking into responsible credit card usage while accumulating reward points.

Our good fortune continues for it is off season this time of the year in Lake Tahoe, as it is in between seasons and kids are back to school. And you know what this means: no tourists! Imagine having an entire beach all to yourself and being able to lie down and sleep there for hours and hours without distractions. It was heaven! I think we must have visited all sides of Lake Tahoe during this time.

It’s hard to decide which one is our favorite for they are all very lovely indeed. Some of our loves include the Incline Village, Meeks Bay Beach, Sand Harbor Beach / Overlook and Emerald Bay. We plan to go back during winter so I can finally attempt to learn how to ski. Fun!

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