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Burberry jacket and hat

Hat: Burberry, Jacket: Burberry, Sunglass: Prada

It’s the dead of winter in North America. It’s time to evaluate again how spoiled Californians really are. While the Midwesterners and the East Coasters are battling below freezing temperature, we, here in CA, are enjoying a brisk and mild high 50s, sometimes even mid 60s with plenty of sunshine. But just to fair, we do have that ever looming threat of earthquakes. Furthermore, in San Francisco, summers tend to be colder than winters only because we get fooled all the time. We always forget to bring jackets in the middle of summer. It’s against all instincts but that’s when the fog really gets you. There’s nothing more magical than when the fog is slightly over the Golden Gate bridge, covering most of it but the top while the sun illuminates it. It really is poetic, sort of like being in a hot jacuzzi while the snow is falling and the birds are singing on a tree above you (as long as they don’t bomb you with their poop. Heh).

I love all seasons because I’m an opportunistic fashionista. Every change in season is an opportunity to change outfits. Because our winters are mild, I don’t have to be subjected to wearing bulky winter clothes.

My number one shopping tip for these brands is to buy at the outlets or wait for sale. They almost always go on sale although they might run out of sizes. Northern California has some of the best outlets such as the ones in Vacaville, Livermore and Palm Spring. Take note that Louis Vuitton never goes on sale. I normally buy them once in a blue moon when there’s a very special occasion. Personally, I only like their styles that have firm support since their leather canvas is very soft. Through the years, I managed to collect the Alma, the Tivoli and the Figheri all in 3 different canvas styles: Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur