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Burberry trenchcoat poncho and ivy hatToday’s post is all about my love affair with Burberry. Until I started going over the items in my closets did I realize how many of this British iconic fashion brand I own. I think all kinds of clothing and accessories from them are 99% represented inside my closet. There’s the classic trench coat, the quilted jacket, ivy hat, bag, watch, poncho (2 of them!), casual jacket with hood, cashmere scarf, wool military coat. Even the high-end Prorsum label is there! (Shhh, 2 of them actually).

Burberry quilted jacket ivy hat scarf and wool trench coat


Here’s a very important fashion tip: the key to wearing the plaid on this brand is to not overwhelm it with other distracting and non-classy pieces. If you don’t do this, you won’t achieve the classic look you’re aiming for. Instead, what you would get is a very cheap and trying-too-hard look. Burberry also has a lot of items that do not have their classic plaid pattern, at least from the outside. This is a good option if you’re not a fan of plaid. I actually like them all😀

I think Burberry should pay me ‘coz I’m practically doing a free advertisement for them! Alternatively, I will also accept gifts in the form of perhaps another poncho? Because that is the only way to stop an addiction – by feeding it! Haha. Joke.