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Last weekend was a big event for sports fans in US. Alas, the San Francisco 49ers lost and there were lots of groaning in the man cave as a result of that. Aside from the half-time break which involved Beyonce’s mind-blowing hip-shaking moves, let’s just say I’m not as hyped as 90% of America. And what would a self-respecting fashionista do instead? What else? Don’t act like this is a surprise to you! Heh. I raided my closet in search of new outfits, looking for new ways to mix and match what I already have… In pursuit of something that could have slipped my intermittent sparks of creativity. And boy, was I not disappointed!

Ralph lauren preppie look and Burberry trenchcoat

Monday: It was a very preppy beginning of week. The colors, I must admit, are more appropriate for spring rather than middle of winter. I keep forgetting that because it’s been low 60s and lately, there’s been no shortage of sunshine in beautiful California. It’s yet another pink ensemble and it finally dawned on me what this latest obsession reminds me of: Legally Blonde. That movie was splattered in pink, although I’m not that bad (well, not yet).

English lady and Burberry trenchcoat look

Tuesday: I felt like a proper English lady in this outfit! All I needed was my plaid ivy hat and hunting gun and I’m ready to go fox-hunting in the countryside! Riding boots – check, faux leather pants – check, vest – check, turtleneck – check, wool trench coat – check.

Chanel inspired jacket and juicy couture tuxedo jacket

Wednesday and Thursday: Tres chic! I love mixing and matching classic and edgy pieces because I like the consistency of a tried and tested classic style. The whole ensemble was made modern and fresh through the edgy and structured tuxedo jacket. Combining a Chanel inspired jacket with bright red cigarette leather-like jeans kept me from looking too old for my age. The end result was a very modern take on a classic look.