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Petra Jordan


Her eyes. Her eyes. There’s something very haunting yet magical about them.
She was just a child. A Bedouin girl, a mother’s daughter, a child of the red desert.
She could be a Jordanian princess.
She approached me with tentative coyness.
“Pretty miss, would you please buy my postcard?”

At a tender age, she’s already a pro at selling.
She seems only 12 but there’s so much maturity in her face.
I see marks of hardship, and yet she seems, happy?

I don’t really need a postcard, young lady.
But here’s 5 dollars if you give me a wonderful smile.
Can I take your picture? I said.

“But miss, I can’t take your money without giving you my goods.”
Beautiful one, your smile is worth more than whatever you’re selling.
That made my day in Petra even more unforgettable.

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