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The colors of these scarves are as lively and diverse as the East itself

  • Gorgeous silk scarf, from the Jewish quarter of the Old city, Jerusalem
  • Narrow pink scarf, from the Spice bazaar, Istanbul Turkey
  • Gorgeous Ottoman scarf, from the Grand bazaar, Istanbul Turkey
  • Also, how do you like my new header? Should I go with this brown one or the black + white? I was rummaging through my closet to find outfits for Hawaii, the Florida keys or the Caribbean before summer. I absolutely adore the bow tie polka dots top from Juicy Couture. The hat is from Kauai, Hawaii and finally, the sunglasses are from Gucci. I’ve been meaning to sell these sunglasses on eBay because I am blind as a bat and I cannot convert them into prescription glasses.. But they are so darn cute in pictures. Contact lenses are not an option for me as they are a pain in the buns.