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color blocking anne taylor dress

Photo Credit: http://www.garypeppervintage.com

Lately, I have been obsessing over a certain Australian fashion blogger named Nicole Warne and I fully blame it on Instagram. Apparently, she’s quite big in Down Under (no pun intended) and the fashion blogging world. I can totally see why. Her whimsical and very pretty vintage style won me over, almost immediately. It didn’t hurt that she’s also gorgeous and has the best portrait photographer at her disposal. She also happens to travel around the world and live from across the beach. She’s in my dream world, living my dream life! I am loving every single entry on her website. Her Instagram account is quite fabulous too: @garypeppergirl if you’re interested.

For today’s post, I took inspiration from one of her pictures (downloaded from her instagram photos) although I’ve had this dress for a while now. I am a big fan of colors and this color blocking dress from Ann Taylor has two of my favorite colors: fuchsia and orange! The cobalt blue shoes from Ninewest complements it well. This is perfect for spring.

DVF pants bebe jacket kate spade gold coast bag_2

This second outfit was from last Friday. We had a major software release for the product I’ve been working on and to celebrate, I chose this outfit that’s both comfortable and elegant. Now, you might be thinking, “those are some baggy pants”. I know. It’s quite reminiscent of the 80’s and to tell you the truth, I am not a fan of loose trousers, although I couldn’t stress enough how comfortable these are. They’re so comfy, I even wore them hiking in Petra, Jordan!

I found them at the Palm Springs Desert premium outlets a few years ago. At first, I didn’t know what to do with it. I only bought it because it’s a Diane von Fursternberg piece and I’ve always wanted one from her label. It’s not easy to pull off this style because it tends to overwhelm petite physique. It’s also not very flattering because it seems shapeless, but somehow I managed to pull it off! I even got compliments from the geeks at work, and that’s saying a lot🙂. The key is to pair it with form-fitting pieces and petite, adorable accessories. I happened to have this girly top with puffy sleeves and cropped leatherette jacket. I think the resulting outfit is adorable! What do you think?