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Akaka falls big island hawaii

Guess where I’m off to this summer? Here’s a hint: it’s paradise! I cannot wait.. My feet are itching to once again feel the soothing touch of this wonderful place. My mother used to say that I was born with itchy feet. I’ve no idea where she got that expression from, but I know that she meant I always wanna leave home and explore the world. She could never understand why I would spend so much to be a stranger in somebody else’s country, just to look at some “old stones” (that is, the Roman coliseum in Italy)

As a sorry excuse to spend again, I found these beautiful swimsuits at Ted Baker London and amazingly, they fit perfectly. I was hoping they would fit just as good as these pictures below, and they didn’t disappoint. Granted, I do not have this flawless body, but it’s not that bad, given that I’ve never seen the inside of a gym (ever) and I refused to give up my favorite banana cream pie and chocolates from Whole Foods.

Ted baker swimsuits asos2

I am loving the nautical theme of this vacation and I cannot wait to explore the island using our rented convertible. I’ve always wanted to experience driving through a winding road (preferably the Mediterranean or the Italian countryside) in a convertible with my chic sunglasses and beautiful silk scarf. Hey, this island paradise will do too. Who’s complaining?