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Hokkaido scallop ramen and fried calamari

Drove to the city on this gloomy spring day
Because, aye, I’m craving for a ramen so divine
Like the gods themselves concocted them
A mouth-watering Hokkaido scallop noodles and calamari
All tentacles, mind you!

It was so good, I ate until my stomach hurt
Gluttony, gluttony cries my rebelling belly,
But as with everything, the mouth emerged victorious
As macaroons came tumbling down
Hazelnul, hazelnut and more hazelnut

Car’s battery went dead in the parking lot
So off I went and burn more holes in thine wallet
While my love waited for the battery guys
I rushed, nay, I ran so fast before my love had a change of heart

Then hubby says “I’m not really into scarf”
So off I went and sequestered the Jordanian wrap,
My gift from Jerusalem
Oui! More pour moi, pour moi says my chirpy heart
Oh yes, indeed, a perfect day it was!