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Kate Spade Louis Vuitton Burberry Cole Haan bags 4So I was cleaning out my closet then decided to count how many bags I have instead, just for the heck of it (and it’s more fun). Because they are so darn beautiful and I’m feeling more creative this weekend, I got a little bit carried away with my camera and out came a poem. These are probably only half of my bag collections. Where the heck do I store them? I do not know. I keep nagging the husband to build me the dream walk-in closet but alas, unless one of my stock options from previous startups take off any time soon, that closet might remain just that: a dream. Here goes nothing:

Kate Spade Gold Coast ChristyOh thine beauty,
Thine indescribable beauty,
Quilt and leather and patent,

Kate Spade Gold Coast GeorginaChains and gold hardware
Shiny and matte,
Brown, fuchsia, pink, magenta
Aqua, mustard, white, multi-colored

You all had me at hello
A sale or a special occasion beckoned me to come say, “hi, gorgeous”,
To touch, to hold
To own, to dream
To each, a story awaits

Louis Vuitton Figheri PM Damier AzurAn anniversary gift
A valentine’s expression of unending love,
A celebration of a new job

Kate Spade Moonlit soiree sonia 2More celebration of yet another new job
A Christmas present

Louis Vuitton Alma Damier 2A birthday gift,
A pick-me-upper

Kate Spade bagDiamonds are a girl’s best friends
But these beautiful works of art might just be the
next best thing.

Kate Spade Louis Vuitton Burberry Cole Haan bags 2 Kate Spade Louis Vuitton Burberry Cole Haan bags 3

Brands: Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Kate Spade, Cole Haan

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