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Prada sunglasses

Aloha! We are back in the island paradise of Kauai, Hawaii for a long overdue vacation and I’m elated to report that it’s as dreamy as I remember it. This time around, I opted for a convertible rental car so we could realize some magical movie moments (at least that’s the idea) – beautiful cinematography for a film shot in an exotic location with the characters driving around in a convertible car via a winding road, with the leading lady’s scarf trailing behind as it dances with the wind and flirts with the sun, her big sunglasses the only thing shielding her. I prefer to have this moment realized in Tuscany or Amalfi Coast but Hawaii will also do.

This is our second time in Kauai. I have to say that it is probably my favorite Hawaiian island. The Big Island is also quite good but I think I have my heart set on this one. For this vacation, I chose a hotel that is not too fancy but is literally beach front, as opposed to a hoity-toity location that is way too big and whose ocean is too rough for swimming. I love the location of our room as it is directly in front of the Pacific ocean and we are just steps away from the warm water.

Aston Islander on the beach Wailua hawaiiI realized now that I drank that pina colada way too fast and now, my head is spinning but don’t you worry, I still can write under this condition. Heh.

Aston islander on the beach kauaiIt started raining this afternoon but it really didn’t do much to spoil the mood. As I write this, I am finding inspiration in the musical sound of the waves and the pitter-patter of the light rain as it seemingly exchanges pleasantries with the Hawaiian birds. Every few words or so, I would steal a glance at the beautiful ocean that is directly in front of me, afraid that I’d blink and find she’s no longer there. Hawaii’s famous rainbows are probably going to enthrall us once more later, if only to complete this fantasy of mine. I could definitely get used to this.

I love the flowers they use to make these Hawaiian leis. They have such a beautiful scent to them. It reminds me of my mom’s garden. What a lovely fragrance indeed!

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