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Kauai Hawaii

Hawaii. We came back to quench our thirst for unbridled happiness and she didn’t disappoint. So, where do I begin? Depicting Hawaii is about as futile as describing a Rembrandt or a Da Vinci masterpiece to a blind man. It is blasphemous to even attempt this feat. Nevertheless, I will commit such irreverence only because my heart is inflamed with thanksgiving.

I will conjure up words to describe one of nature’s magnum opi, even if words are inadequate. Such prose are interspersed with some of the beautiful photos taken while we were there.

Hapuna beach Big Island HawaiiI have visited her many times – in my dreams and in reality, but it is impossible to distinguish one from the other. Being there is celestial. The hand of God is palpable at every turn – mankind has no choice but to accede. Walking her shores is like treading on the edge of the heavens. Your heart, your mind, your soul, they all pulsate at a beat you’ve never heard before – a rhythm so primordial you might as well be in the Garden of Eden.

Waterfalls HawaiiHer beauty is so intoxicating that you’re almost compelled to get drunk with happiness. Starting with the breathtaking Napali coast with its jagged cliffs, turquoise waters and exotic beaches, every scene in Kauai is an ode to the beauty of creation.

Beach front Courtyard Marriott Kauai HawaiiIn Hawaii, all senses are heightened, all colors are exaggerated: the skies bluer, the nights clearer. The wind and the waves become your muse – they whisper love songs as the ocean beckons you to taste her, begging you to find your inner poet so you can compose her a love song.

Kapaa beach Kauai HawaiiComing face to face with this all-consuming wonder, I am reminded of the words of the psalmist:

“When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them?”

By the time she was done with me (like on the 7th day), I cried like a baby and begged for us to stay and never, ever leave but I know that it’s better this way. We, mankind, have an inexplicable tendency to deaden our senses when something becomes a routine, even if it’s as absurdly beautiful as this. I never ever wanted to lose that wide-eyed wonder and love for Hawaii so we had to leave.

Mahalo, Hawaii for more than meeting our needs. We devoured you like the gluttons that we are and you were more than willing to oblige to our plea. I couldn’t be any more grateful for the many moments in my life, such as these, when I felt so alive.