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Antelope Canyon Arizona USA

To you, bestower of my freedom
You who freed me from bondage aplenty
From chains of poverty and destitution
You who enabled me to pursue happiness,
Who adopted me as your own.

You gave me so much,
My soul sings of endless gratitude

Thank you, for generations of countless sacrifices,
For the immeasurable blood of your children
Spilled on plains and mountains and jungles and seas
To give us this life we so very often take for granted

And to you, Savior of my soul,
Generously you gave me a life I do not deserve,
Separated only by a stroke of mercy
From the less fortunate peoples of this world

It was you all along,
Endlessly working miracles on my behalf
Until finally you brought me here where I belong
Here, where I am free to realize
Everything that I could really be,
Where I am bound only by my own fear.

America, as flawed as you are,
I am proud and honored to be your child.
Happy 237th birthday, USA!

– A poem by Nakita Audrey, 4th of July 2013

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