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Piazza della Signora Florence at night

Picture this:

It was your first time here. You just arrived from dreamy Barcelona. And now you finished your first look at Florence, a city that is bursting with culture, history and fashion. Your search for the most beautiful goods crafted by local artisans was very fruitful.

Only an epicurean experience is suited to end this day so you paid homage to a local trattoria and ate to your heart’s content. The hearty meal was comprised of Italian soda (that is, soda without ice *wink), handmade pasta, a sumptuous secondi and a tiramisu that melted in your mouth. Each bite of this feast was more sinful than the last. You then strolled hand in hand with the one you love under the beautiful moonlight on this perfect summer night. You tried to soak everything in: the ambiance, the sensation, the sights, the smell, the energy. But it was impossible. It seemed your heart is going to collapse at the weight of this unparalleled happiness. You were almost delirious with joy.

Then suddenly, BOOM! You stumbled upon an ancient plaza – a piazza that bore witness to the Renaissance men, men whose talents were boundless and multi-dimensional, the likes of whom the Florentines of the 15th century have never seen before. Does the name Michelangelo Buonarroti, Galileo Galilei and Leon Battista Alberti ring a bell?

What was that? Is that music? A cocktail of maddening emotions stronger than the ones you already have overcame you, so quick there was no time to react.

Under the gaze of a replica of Michelangelo’s David and a host of other statues carved by some of the most talented artists humanity has ever produced – there, enveloped by the magical Florentine moonlight in a piazza that witnessed the birth of Renaissance, I was engulfed by an unbridled and immense happiness. To walk on the same ground as the likes of Galileo is, by itself, overwhelming. As if that wasn’t enough, an orchestra played this endless concert of beautiful music to an audience that represented at least 30 nations and languages. They used their own rendition of popular songs such as those by Sting, The Beatles and The Eagles. It was a magnificent display of humanity’s ingenuity and talent. At that moment, I was reminded why this human race is worth fighting for. We [humanity] have this innate ability to mess up our lives and those of our fellow men. But then there are those precious times when we do something pure, something wonderful. These moments are akin to staring at the face of an angel or seeing the shadow of the unseen God. Today was one of those moments. I had to hold back the tears looming at the corner of my eyes. This experience is going to be very hard to beat and I am so honored to have witnessed and experienced it!

– This is what I saw on that night at Piazza della Signora in Florence. This moment has been frozen in time and is now etched into my deepest memory. No doubt, one of my most treasured.

And now, here’s a video of one of the songs they played that night. The crowd kept shouting “Encore” after the end of each piece. It was an unparalleled moment. Grazie, Firenze. Mi Amore!