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Ciao, bella e bello! Hello everyone. My apologies, I have been lagging big time in maintaining my blog. I have absolutely no reason other than the difficulty of adjusting from vacation mode. Our recent trip to Europe was such an amazing one – an epic for sure and one that would be very hard to beat. I have so much materials from that trip that I got completely overwhelmed. My solution was to not write about it at all.

It’s also been a little frustrating to see other very popular blogs that are, in my opinion, quite shallow and not inspirational. Reading fashion blogs that feature (on a daily basis) expensive brands that I can not afford is not inspiring at all. They are visually rich, of course, and quite entertaining. It was fun in the beginning but it became disheartening after a while. Sure, I like buying high-end brands every now and then, what girl doesn’t? But on a daily basis? No. It’s not realistic and it’s not affordable for 99.5% of the people in the world. I had to crawl my way out of reading such blogs until I found my way back to the ones that truly inspire me.

Once I reminded myself that this blog is about expressing my love of travel, photography, fashion and writing and not to acquire popularity, my muse came back and I am ready to write once again.

IMG_3821And now for the title of this blog.. I had no idea who Dante Alighieri was prior to visiting Florence and reading Dan Brown’s latest novel, Inferno. We didn’t have art history or poetry class in high school/college so you have to pardon my ignorance. Dan Brown’s Inferno reminded me once more why I’ve fallen in love with Florence and for this reason and more, I highly recommend this book. It has a great mix of science fiction, art history, travel, symbology and adventure. In other words, it’s a typical Dan Brown book. His novel reminded me what’s so appealing about this city – she’s like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy: classic, effortless, endearing and timeless.

Dante was a Florentine poet famously known for the literary masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy”. He lived in Florence during the Renaissance but due to a political alliance gone awry, he was banished from his beloved city, never to return again even after his death. He pined and wrote lovely poems for his beloved city until the day he died. His love for Florence was matched only by his unrequited love for Beatrice. It is such a tragic story. I get it now – how one could love a city as much as Dante Alighieri loved Florence.

Piazza Signora in FlorenceFlorence creeps up on you so slowly that you wouldn’t realize you have fallen madly in love with her until she’s no longer with you. She’s beautiful in so many ways. I promise I will expound more on this topic on my future blogs. For now, this entry is about my sense of fashion while in Florence. I tried to stay as fashionable as comfort allowed me to be while traveling.

Inside the Campanille in Florence