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Hi, everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I haven’t posted about fashion lately so it’s about time that I give you another dose of it. All the mega bloggers posting about their experience attending Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris got me inspired all over again. I just love all the beautiful works of art so eloquently expressed in all the wonderful designs and fabrics by so many great designers.

So here goes nothing. It’s the start of the “Ber” months once again. For me this means four straight months of celebrations: from birthdays to anniversaries to Thanksgiving to Christmas. This is the time of the year when I get to splurge on the expensive brands I love.

For one of these celebrations, I went to Burberry to pick some of my gifts. Although I love these brands, I still feel so guilty spending that much money. My solution to this quandary is to go to the outlets to get the most mileage out of my hard-earned money. This time around, I was able to save 50% off the retail price.

Here are some professional photos of Burberry hat I grabbed online. Aren’t they gorgeous? How did I fare?

Burberry ivy hat

Burberry driving hat

Burberry ivy hat_2

Thank you for reading!