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Bryce Canyon Utah winter2

Bryce Canyon Utah

I used to dread the coming of winter, probably even more so than most people. I can’t help but associate it with bitter cold and misery. Lucky for me, Northern California’s weather is mild and winter is nowhere near as brutal as the East Coast’s. You see, I hailed from the tropics which means I’m the daughter of humidity and heat. However, just like everything else in my life, it evolved.

Point Reyes lighthouseI actually enjoy winter now. The air is crisp and clear especially after the rain. The chill in the air is palpable, an unmistakable sign that Christmas is near and I love Christmas! It always brings back fond memories. Never mind that the purists will tell you it is based on a pagan tradition. Despite this, I think the message is the most important thing. That being said, I also started lighting the Hanukkah candles during this time. For me, it’s only appropriate because the Messiah is Jewish.

Winter also gives me the opportunity to change my looks. Out comes the beautiful cashmere sweaters, wool accessories, leather gloves, ivy hats and winter jackets that have been hibernating inside my closet. Winter also gives me a chance to follow through my yearly promise of learning how to ski, but year after year it’s the same problem. The thought of falling down and be humiliated while 3-year olds zoom past me overpowers the want. It’s not the falling that bothers me. You see, I have this innate fear of failing. I’ve always wanted to succeed in everything I do in life. It’s one of my flaws. But perhaps this year I will do it. My best friend is visiting us from overseas and we will be staying in Yosemite for a couple of nights to experience winter’s magic. Wish me luck!

Please enjoy these North American winter sceneries and some of my favorite looks during this time of the year!

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge winter

Golden Gate Bridge during winter

Bryce Canyon Utah winter

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Credit: Internet

Credit: Internet. This is not mine

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