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Jewelry organizer 1

I love the mid-century style of our home. It already is pretty and large but it’s still got plenty of potentials and room for expansion and since my husband is an architect, it makes it easy to add to it. It’s just a matter of money and priorities.

It has an open floor plan which makes every room seem larger than they actually are. That said, the master bathroom is small and it has no room for luxuries such as a bath tub and/or jacuzzi. There’s also not a lot of counter space and, much to my dismay, the master bedroom does not have a walk-in closet. [I can dream, can’t I?]

Bathroom design 2Given these constraints, I could never figure out what to do with my jewelries, where to put them or how to organize them so that I’m not always rummaging through everything in search of them every morning. I had to resort to putting a large jewelry box on top of the toilet bowl’s counter top – not really ideal as one slip and there goes the pearl earrings. Plus, it also causes the necklaces to get all tangled up.

So I turned to Etsy for help. I bought one item there in the past and was quite satisfied with it so I figured I’ll find something there. After several searches, I settled for this idea of a jewelry organizer that doubles as wall art. I really like the concept. This also satisfies my needs since I’ve got limited counter top but has plenty of wall space. I was so excited and waited 3 weeks to receive my order. When it finally arrived, I was disappointed as it was not up to par with my expectations.

But I was already quite sold on the idea so my husband convinced me to do my own version of it so it quickly became a weekend project. It wasn’t hard at all for all I really had to do was put together a frame, a wallpaper or picture, several hooks and wood to serve as bars. See the end product above. I had two choices for the wallpaper: a chevron  or damask pattern. In the end, I chose this subtle damask in order to let the jewelries stand out more. What do you think?

Bathroom design

Bathroom design ideas

Here’s how it fits with the rest of our small yet charming master bathroom. It matched the paint color perfectly and I am so in love with it!

Jewelry organizer 4

A closer look at the jewelries

Jewelry organizer 3

Materials Used:
Aaron Brothers’ picture frame
Wallpaper from Michael’s
Wood from Home Depot and painted by hubby using the same wall paint
Hooks from Home Depot
Jewelries by yours truly 😀