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Maison Valentino

Photo taken from Valentino’s Instagram account

I have been obsessing over Valentino after seeing their Fall/Winter 2014 runway show. This fashion house’s romantic, feminine and dreamy vibe fits well with my fashion style. Owning one item from this fashion giant is now in my semi-ridiculous bucket list. Now, before you call me crazy and all, I am only looking at their more “affordable” line, Red Valentino.

Maison Valentino Fall Winter 2014 1

Maison Valentino Fall Winter 2014 2

Photos taken from Valentino’s Instagram account

So what else would an obsessed person do but try looking up the price of these pieces. Holy Moly, I nearly fell off my chair! I would have to sell my arm to afford one. This then begs the question: who can pay for such outrageous price tag on a piece of clothing, bag or shoes? I know, I know, it’s couture and the craftsmanship is phenomenal but still… Hollywood A-listers and super models wear them but they are either given to them for free or on loan for special events, not to mention their paycheck is at least $25 million a year. But how can some fashion bloggers own them or at least I think they do. I don’t get it.

Maison Valentino Fall Winter 2014 3

Photos taken from Valentino’s Instagram account

I’m certainly not poor. I know this because the last time I filed my taxes, the government wants more despite the already high withholding on our paychecks. Plus, according to Turbo Tax’s stats and figures, when compared to USA’s national average, most of Northern California’s Bay Area household fall under a very high tax income bracket. And yet, I cannot, under sober condition shell out $5,000 (at least) on a piece of clothing. (Red Valentino is cheaper by a good percentage). So who can buy it? And by this I didn’t mean someone taking out a loan for 3 months or spending one’s full gross paycheck on one piece of clothing? The Saudis? The Queen of England? Mark Zuckerberg?

I guess for now, I will keep on ogling over every piece that comes out of this fashion house while I stare at their Instagram feed drooling day in and day out. In the meantime, here are some more affordable outfits in my closet that are somewhat inspired by the romantic vibe of Maison Valentino. Enjoy!